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Vakils, Feffer & Simons Pvt. Ltd.
A Respite Before Infinity - Everyday Reflections
Moorad Fazalbhoy

Deep in the middle of the Arabian desert, in a cave on a mountain outside Mecca, an unlettered and unknown merchant began receiving messages from God.

For seekers of the Truth as well as for those wishing to learn more about the faith of Islam, this is an essential book.

US $25

Vakils, Feffer & Simons Pvt. Ltd.

Vakils, Feffer & Simons Pvt. Ltd.
Paths to Peace
Dirk Collier

Black and white. Left and right.
Believers and infidels. Us and them.
The list is endless and should make it painfully obvious: differences between people are inherently dangerous.
Difference divides; it breeds prejudices, fear and hatred; and sometimes, it kills.

214 Pages
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The Life Science of Divine Geeta
R. K. Lohiya

The Life Science of Divine Geeta conveys Krishna’s Message as relevant to modern era with practical lessons for mental peace and happiness in present day life. As addendum thereto, he has penned logic based Universal Religion Manav Dharma As Culture of Human Happiness suited to today’s global society. This book deserves first reading by all men and women seeking stress free joyous life and the bliss of heart.

82 Pages
US $12
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