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RAMA - The Human Expression of the Divine
Review By: Rangamani
June 19, 2017

I started the reading the book Rama with a lot of interest. I have always admired your insight and of course your style of writing. I was very eager to see how you have dealt with some of the controversies surrounding Sri Rama's life.

You won me over with the preface itself! As you narrated the many struggles you faced even at the conceptual stage, I was amazed You were echoing my thoughts so accurately. From then I could not put the book down. I enjoyed reading about the many Ramayanas, the various written and oral traditions left me in awe. So gripped was I by your words I didn't even glance at the paintings, I was greedy to read all that you had to say!

As I read in I came to the Chapter on Rama, the young learner. I was stunned! I have never read a better exposition of Yoga Vasista! In simple language, within a few pages, you have brought out the essence of the wisdom that Sage Vasista imparted. At this juncture, I decided to write to you, I coud not contain myself.

Your labour of love is going to leave a big impact on each reader. In me it evoked deep reverence. As I progress more into reading I will reserve the right to bother you with my impressions.

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