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Paths to Peace: Religion & Tolerance in a Globalizing World
Review By : Dr H K. Kaul,
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The book has come out at a time when human beings are divided against civilizational and historical backdrops by social and political compulsions, outdated customs and sectarian dictates and, religious overtones and legal infirmities. The good old human and religious values are diminishing from human memories. The privileged are getting absorbed in trade and development and the use of science and technology for bringing in better life styles for those who can afford them. The social life is becoming complex and people are losing their peace in their struggles for better survival.

The good human and universal values need to return back to people. The book needs to be translated into different languages and discussed by those who are associated with the changes taking place in societies around the world in this day and age.

My best wishes for this splendid effort.

Review By : Vinod Joseph

I normally donít read books on spirituality or morality or suchlike values. However, I made an exception in the case of Dirk Collierís Paths To Peace Ė Religion, Ethics and Tolerance in a Globalizing World, mainly because I have read Collierís treatise on Akbar, The Emperorís Writings and was deeply impressed by Collierís knowledge of India, Indian culture, Islam and Hinduism, not to mention his simple, but elegant writing style.

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