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The Mahatma & the Doctor The Untold Story of Dr Pranjivan Mehta, Gandhi's Greatest Friend and Benefactor
Review By Mr M. V. Kamath,
Author of "Gandhi, A Spiritual Journey", Columnist
and former editor of "The Illustrated Weekly of India"

Who first recognised Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as a Mahatma? H. S. L. Polak? Dr Pranjivan Mehta? Rabindranath Tagore? Or someone else? Credit is always given to Tagore with a lot of justification. But actually, the real credit should go to Dr Pranjivan Mehta, one of Gandhi's earliest friends and whom Gandhi first met on September 29, 1888, following his arrival in England to study for the Bar. ...

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Review By Dirk Collier,
Author of The Emperor's Writings - Memories of Akbar the Great and
Paths to Peace - Religion, Ethics & Tolerance in a Globalizing World

Very, very impressive. Historians for many generations to come will be indebted to (the book) for this wonderful effort!

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