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Hinduism - An Introduction
Shakunthala Jagannathan

Hinduism of the oldest living religions in the world, with approximately a billion adherents, Hinduism is both a school of thought and a way of life. Drawing from a colossal pool of texts – from the Upanishads and the Vedas to the Gita and the Puranas – the religion melds together a range of voices. Yet, given the complexity of its philosophical thrust, the contradictions in its discourse, and the sheer immensity of its bank of wisdom, Hinduism remains a mystery, even to its followers. This book attempts to simplify an undeniably complex belief-system, and sheds light on its eternal laws.

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Balaji - Venkateshwara - An Introduction
Nandita Krishna

Balaji-Venkateshwara: An Introduction attempts to unravel the life of one God and study one temple, nestled in the hills of South India. It is said that Lord Vishnu, to rescue a world in distress, took the form of Balaji-Venkateshwara, the Destroyer of all Sins. Yet, who really was Balaji? What is the legend behind His incarnation? What are the stories behind His temple's origin? What are the meanings behind the rituals He demands? The books attempts to answer these questions, and more, for the pilgrim-soul.

114 Pages, 8.25" x 10.75" Portrait, Paper Back
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Ganesha - An Introduction
Shakunthala Jagannathan, Nandita Krishna

Among the many Gods worshipped in India, Ganesha has a pride of place - as the Lord of Beginnings, the Remover of Obstacles, the endearing elephant-headed deity. But was Ganesha always our beloved God? How then did He weave his way into a country's affections? Moving effortlessly between legend and history, parables and archeology, the book sheds light on the rise of a God. With photographs and attractive line-drawings, this book speaks as effectively through visual as it does through words.

106 Pages, 8.2" x 11" Portrait, Paper Back
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