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Managing Your Self
Jagdish Parikh

Managing Your Self helps managers to contribute effectively and progressively to their organizations without in any way adversely affecting themselves as individuals. With the help of this book anyone, including business managers and students, will be able to enjoy more effective, dynamic and fulfilling professional and personal lives.

175 Pages, 9" x 6"
US $25
Strategic Management Processes
Dr. Ashok Sanghvi

Dr. Sanghvi's book reveals the importance and relevance of strategic management in a rapidly growing marketplace which is full of opportunities as well as deep pitfalls. The volume focuses on Indian organizations, and perhaps, for the first time, offers comparisons between different sectors of Industry, based on case studies in selected areas like Textile and Information Technology. The book recommends the new Growth Oriented Strategic Management Model.

136 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
US $15
Managing Relationships
Jagdish Parikh

Managing relationships is today recognized as the key success factor in our personal and professional lives. Well-managed relationships with customers and suppliers, employees and competitors have become crucial.

106 Pages
US $20
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