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Can you Hear?
Dr. Ajay Kothari

It is estimated that there are as many people with hearing impairments as with eye glasses. In every family, at least one member seems to suffer from an ear problem during his life time. In spite of this, there is much ignorance in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of ear problems. Myths and beliefs play a role in treatments. People often switch from allopathy to ayurveda, homeopathy to home remedies, seeking advice from everyone including their dadima, neighbour, friend and even a chemist. The result is not difficult to expect.

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0 to 2 Baby and You
Dr Mahesh Balsekar

Dr Mahesh Balsekar is a consultant pediatrician at Breach Candy Hospital and Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital Mumbai. As a practicing pediatrician with 30 years of experience, the focus of Dr Balsekarís practice has been on care of newborns, health supervision of children and preventive care. He is an invited speaker at many conferences and authored chapters in several medical textbooks.

Dr. R. K. Anand's Guide to Child Care
Dr. R. K. Anand

Dr. Anand's handbook offers a definitive guide to the Indian parent on pregnancy and child-rearing from infancy to adolescence. Authored by one of India's foremost pediatricians and an internationally renowned authority on breastfeeding, the volume combines the knowledge of traditional Indian childrearing practices with the latest medical developments in child care. Besides chapters on "immunization", "learning and schooling" and "diet for adolescents", a range of guest articles make the book exhaustive and invaluable.

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