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Vakils, Feffer & Simons Pvt. Ltd.

Vakil & Sons

Established in 1946, Vakils is amongst India's leading printers and publishers. Spread across 24,000 square feet in the heart of Mumbai, India, it is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including the most advanced full-colour offset printing technology and finishing and binding equipment. This allows for the execution of printing assignments of all sizes.

Vakils' services include

  • Commercial and financial printing
  • Book Printing
  • Packaging
  • Digital Printing
  • Greeting Card, Wedding and Calendar Publishing

Vakils Premedia

Founded in 2005, Vakils Premedia provides integrated premedia outsourcing services to a diverse client base.

Vakils Premedia's services include

  • Typesetting and Page Composition
  • Creative and Design
  • Data Conversion
  • ePublishing

The Company is equipped with the best infrastructure data security systems. By combining the collective talent and experience of its professionals in the area of graphic art, pre-press, printing and IT technology, Vakils Premedia is able to craft and implement innovative solutions for its clients.

Vakils Premedia is based in Mumbai and has a Sales Presence in USA, UK and Australia.

Vakils Greeting Cards/Calendars

Vakils started the manufacture of greeting cards and calendars over four decades ago with the conscious aim at promoting Indian Art.

Works of great contemporary Indian painters - Hebbar, Bendre, Hussain, Sabavala, Akbar Padamsee, B. Prabha, Satish Gujral, Mickey Patel etc. are featured on its cards and calendars. Paintings from renowned museums such as Victoria & Albert Museum in London, National Museum in New Delhi, Bharat Kala Bhavan in Benaras and The Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai blossomed into a fine collection of Indian miniatures in print.

Mounted on Indian hand made paper, these became distinctive even while giving a fillip to a budding hand made paper industry.

Vakils supports social causes on a continuous basis. Every card printed carries the message of "V-Care," a voluntary cancer foundation.

Part of the proceeds of the sales go towards providing medical support to under-privileged cancer patients - Vakils' humble contribution towards spreading light in the lives of cancer patients in India.

To view the latest catalogue, please visit It showcases some of the great Indian works of art that have been successfully promoted over the years.

Vakils Wedding Cards

Vakils wedding cards are synonymous with classic simplicity and elegance. Traditional or contemporary, they are exclusive and memorable just like the occasion.

Vakils wedding cards go beyond the usual boundaries of readymade cards and offer the facility of customizing invitation cards to suit individual styles.

To learn more, visit The website is unique, in that for the very first time, it allows the customer to design a wedding card entirely online. This can then be printed by Vakils and delivered anywhere around the globe.