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Vakils, Feffer & Simons Pvt. Ltd.

At Vakils, we'd love to have you publish with us!

We are specifically interested in manuscripts that delve into mythology - for children and adults, spirituality, health and cuisine. However we have published titles in the past that deviate from these genres, and would be happy to consider manuscripts that do not belong to the categories we have specified.

If you'd like to get published, please post

  • A covering letter, listing out your contact details, qualifications, and publishing history (if at all)
  • A print out of the first fifty pages of your manuscript. Please send us consecutive pages only, and not arbitrary chapters
  • An electronic copy of the first fifty pages of your manuscript on a CD, saved as a Word (doc) file
  • Your CV
  • Your concept note

Our address is Vakils Feffer and Simons, Second Floor, Industry Manor A. Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025, India.

We follow a two-tier process, while considering manuscripts.

1. Reviewing
Our editors go through your covering letter, concept note, CV, and the fifty-page manuscript. This process takes six weeks.

If our editors believe that the concept note and manuscript have potential, they will get back to you within the six-week time-frame, and request you to post your entire manuscript. It is therefore essential to have the complete manuscript ready, before getting in touch with us.

If on the other hand, our editors cannot accept your proposal, they will keep you posted, again within the six-week time-frame. While they do consider every manuscript and concept note very seriously, and respect the time and effort that has gone into creating it, they are unable to provide detailed feedback, primarily because of time constraints.

2. Detailed Study
If your manuscript and concept note interests the editorial staff, they will request you to submit your entire manuscript - both the hard and the soft copy. Our editors will go through the complete manuscript now, and will get back, again within six weeks, to let you know if it can be published by VFS.

Things to keep in mind:
Please do not email us your submissions.
Please do not post us your entire manuscript, until we ask for it. The first fifty pages should suffice, when we are reviewing your work.
Please do not delay sending us the complete manuscript, if we should ask for it.
Please do not make any enquiries via phone, fax, email or in person while your proposal and manuscript are being reviewed or studied. You are certain to hear from us within the stipulated time-frame.

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