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Phandius - Whispers from the Past
Shruti Choudhary

"The stone started vibrating uncontrollably and after another quick blast of light the stone started transforming. It was rapid. One second it was a stone, another second it was a knife and then, as if on cue, it became a sleek sword. The sword was itself not made of Phandius, instead it was some bluish, strange metal with Phandius studded in the hilt."

US $10
Through the Corridors of Justice
Khorshed R. Javeri

Through the Corridors of Justice is a collection of seven heart-warming short stories, written in simple, elegant style and woven around real-life situations. These are stories about ordinary lives challenges with tough choices. They are packed with day-to-day events, twists and turns, and are stories and deal with different facets of human existence.

108 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
US $13
Wonderworld of Tropical Bonsai
Jyoti and Nikunj Parekh

Wonderworld of Tropical Bonsai is a practical guide for those making their first tentative forays into the world of bonsai cultivation, as well as for those who are actively growing miniature plants. There are chapters that study every aspect of bonsai, from soil selection, potting, watering and manuring to grafting and pruning.

175 Pages, 6.75" x 9 "
US $18
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