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I am...Life is...
Live Life with Mastery
Ashu Khanna

"This book is an inner journey in search of how to live an integrated life and to express the inner self freely. Each chapter reveals a path to genuine self-reflection and inner contentment. Time, wealth, well-beingļæ½the book views these aspects of life from a holistic perspective, and shows how it is possible to live an integrated life with mastery."

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A Respite Before Infinity - Everyday Reflections
Moorad Fazalbhoy

Deep in the middle of the Arabian desert, in a cave on a mountain outside Mecca, an unlettered and unknown merchant began receiving messages from God.

For seekers of the Truth as well as for those wishing to learn more about the faith of Islam, this is an essential book.

US $25
You can be a poet too...
Viraaj Vig

This is a book with two collections of poems, one written for children aged ten to thirteen and another collection written for younger children, aged six to nine. Each poem is individual, and there is no specific theme that occurs throughout the book. However, there are many different types of poems, including a sonnet and a pantoum. This book was written to show how easy it is to write a poem, and hopefully inspire children to write their own poems.

US $15

Reading to Learn
Nicola McCartney

This is a teacher training manual to help teachers teach reading to learners from adolescents to adults. The learners will already be able to recognise letters, sounds, familiar and high frequency words. This manual will help you teach your learners to read with understanding so they can read more, read better, and read with confidence.
This manual describes strategies for reading that you can teach learners, using the example resources and lesson plans.

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