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The Delights of Vegetarian Cooking
Tarla Dalal

Tarla Dalal's second book is a sequel to The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking, emphasizing simple, quick and economical dishes, with step-wise instructions. The volume comes with several new sections. There are segments dedicated to Burmese and Mexican food, with recipes for Budijaw, Enchiladas and Baked Corn Chips. Furthermore, there are pages devoted to food for children, so your kid's party is replete with chocolate balls, bean burgers and drop scones! With this book on your shelf, vegetarian Cooking is guaranteed to delightful!

182 Pages, 7 " x 9.2 "
US $15
Tarla Dalal

Aaswadhan features over 250 vegetarian recipes by Tarla Dalal in Hindi.

154 Pages
US $14
The Joys of Vegetarian Cooking
Tarla Dalal

In this book, Tarla Dalal presents yet another collection of easy-to-make and delectable recipes. This time though she lists out a special Dieters Menu, specifically for the health conscious, with delicious low-calorie dishes like Cucumber and Moong Dal Salad, Orange and Strawberry Pudding, and Baked Apple! Additionally, there's a unique segment called 'Tabletop Cookery', which allows the host to liven up a party by cooking before the guests! The experiment could produce just about anything sumptuous from Chinese Barbecues and Vegetable Sizzlers to even Potato Rosti! The book promises to entertain the young-at-heart.

168 Pages, 7 " x 9.1 "
US $15
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