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Soumya Ayer

Dashavatar is a collection of ten spell-binding stories for children. In each of the narratives, the world is on the brink of collapse, entrenched in vice and sin, when the Lord decides to intervene and rescue it. He takes on a variety of forms, sometimes splendorous, at other times disarmingly humble. From Matsya avatar, where Vishnu assumes the shape of a fish, to Vamana avatar, where he shrinks in size, from Krishna avatar, where He becomes the Blue One, the eternal flutist, to Kalki, the future, where He will ride astride a horse and reinstate justice, each of the stories speaks of the Lord's benevolence, and the triumph of good over evil.

75 Pages
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Festival of Light
Radhika Sekar

Deepavali - one of India's biggest and most popular festivals - comes with a treasure-trove of legends. Festival of Lights then narrates each of them. It tells the young reader why Indians light a hundred lamps on diwali, why they worship Goddess Lakshmi, why they hope. With seven stories on Naraka's defeat, Mahadevi's triumph, and Rama's conquest, the book is certain to enthrall a child.

66 Pages, 11 " x 8.5 "
US $15
Lord of Beginnings
Radhika Sekar

Radhika Sekar's book is an enchanting exploration of the life of the God of all Beginnings, Ganesha. The collection of stories should answer the questions that trouble every curious child: How did Ganesha get an elephant's head? Why is His right tusk broken? How did Mushaka, the little mouse, become the portly God's chariot? And who is Ganesha's wife? Written in a style that is deliberately shorn of all violent terminology, these gentle tales will appeal to every child.

52 Pages, 11 " x8.4"
US $15
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