Paths to Peace | Dirk Collier
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Paths to Peace
Dirk Collier

Paths to Peace is about how to avoid the traps of hatred, even if there is no hope of avoiding, removing or convincing those with whom we disagree. No religion or cultural tradition is immune to the poison of fanaticism and hatred. In each and every one of them, however, paths to peace can be found.

Highly erudite and eminently readable, Paths to Peace offers much-needed food for thought, and promotes rational and detached reflection on what usually are highly sensitive and emotional subjects: identity, ideology and religious or philosophical beliefs.

US $21.95 ISBN: 978-81-8462-075-7
Author Information :

Dirk Collier (b.1956, Antwerp) owns a personal library of several thousand books in nine languages, predominantly on philosophy, comparative religion, history and art. In 2011, he published The Emperor�s Writings, a historical novel on the life and times of the tolerant Muslim Emperor Akbar the Great (1542 � 1605).

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