Devi's Grace | Karen Rajesh and Vishal Desai
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Devi's Grace
Karen Rajesh and Vishal Desai

Devi's Grace is a book about the entry of Maa Mookambika Devi into Swamiji's (Late Shri Vishnu Sadanand Nayak) life and His remarkable metamorphosis from family man to swami. Although Swamiji was known (to His devotees) as a reluctant Swami, His love and belief in Devi was unquestionable!

Devi tested this faith and made Him undergo personal struggle and sacrifice but She never let go of Her patri's hand. Swamiji was rightfully anointed by Maa Mookambika Devi to help spread Her Divine Grace to mankind. Even today His powerful presence and amazing kindness continue to spread miracles.

US $25 ISBN: 978-81-8462-043-6
Author Information :

Authors Karen Rajesh and Vishal Desai are both Mumbai based professionals. Karen Rajesh works for India's largest media house and has mastered the art of balancing the tight rope between her profession, family and her obessesion- Mookambika Devi. Vishal Desai works for a reputed financial MNC and spends his quality time divided between work, family, friends and Mookambika Devi.

Contact No.: Bela Parekh (mobile no: 9820087724)
Karen Rajesh (mobile no: 9820909478)

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