Atma-Siddhi In Search of the Soul | Chandrika
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Atma-Siddhi In Search of the Soul

Atma Siddhi (In Search of the Soul) is a 142, verse philosophical poem, a dialogue between the master and the pupil, on the subject of the soul and its journey through this world of material manifestations. Written in lyrical and lucid Gujarati, by the great Jain saint, Srimad Rajchandraji, it is as relevant today, as when it was first written more than a hundred years ago. A contemporary of Gandhiji, Srimadji was considered by the Mahatma to be his spiritual mentor. Attaining enlightenment at an unbelievably young age of 32 years, Srimadji, remains, even today, one of those iconic spiritual teachers, who balanced, with ease and grace, the life of a householder with that of a sage.

The book focuses on the relationship between the guru and his disciple, the qualities that earmark a true guru as also the qualities of a genuine pupil. Our translation of this outstanding work, not only gives the reader the verses in Hindi and English but also explains the essence of each verse. Each verse is further highlighted with the help of a story drawn from eclectic origins, as varied as Buddhist and Sufi, Christian and Zen.

The book, thus, is an interpretation that underscores the validity of Srimadji's work, for young and old, the spiritually and not -so spiritually inclined, in a manner that is interesting as well as insightful.

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Author Information :

Chandrika has had a background in academics and teaching for over two decades. She has also been a contributor to magazines and newspapers for subjects as varied as 'child-rearing' and 'thinking skills'. She has been the editor and publisher of a children's magazine, nurture for the past eight years. She is both an avid collector and teller of stories. Her books, Atma Siddhi and Bhaja Govindam, emphasize her belief in Indian philosophy.

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