Vasantagauravam - Essays in Jainism | Jayandra Soni
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Vasantagauravam - Essays in Jainism
Jayandra Soni

Vasantagauravam is a collection of fifteen essays on the many facets of Jaina philosophy, and its practice, particularly in South India, between the second and the thirteenth century. Drawing from archaeological findings and ancient texts, it covers a range of topics - from Ajitasenacarya's status in the sect to the patronage extended by the Kasamba, Calukya and Hoysala dynasties to the rise of women ascetics in the Jaina tradition. Furthermore, it looks west, and studies the occidental scholar's perception of Jain thought. With its objective analyses and valuable insights, the book is certain to enthrall spiritualists and seekers.

The book comprises essays on different aspects of Jaina Philosophy and how Jainism was practised in South India, particularly in Karnataka, from the 2nd to the 13th centuries. There are chapters on Jain Saints and women ascetics and the patronage extended to Jainism by the Kasamba, Calukya and Hoysala dynasties.

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Author Information :

Jayendra Soni is a renowned scholar in the field of Jain philosophy. He has edited several books on the subject, and attempts to highlight the uniqueness of Jain thought.

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