Served With Love | Jeeti Gandhi
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Served With Love
Jeeti Gandhi

We all love our food to pack a punch but rarely find the equilibrium between healthy eating and delicious food. Jeeti Gandhi has perfected this art and her recipes are nutritious without compromising on flavour. Her food mantra is simple: a balanced meal is a healthy meal. With this highly engaging book, she breaks all stereotypes about 'junk' and 'health' food.

Flip the pages to find out how to make pizzas and pastas that are actually good for you, desserts that help you meet your daily calcium needs, velvety fat-free cheese and tricks to sneak the healthy stuff into your meals without your family ever catching on.

The best part? Not only are these dishes a hit with the family, but they’re also a breeze to cook!

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Author Information :

Over the last 79 years, Jeeti Gandhi has worn many hats. Besides being a professional dietician, she is also a chef, award-winning cookbook author, world traveller, lecturer, hotelier, speaker, even a pilot. But above all, she’s a doting mother and grandmother who loves cooking for her family. In the past, Mrs Gandhi has written two cookbooks, one of which – Curry Leaves and Cumin Seeds – was the 2002 winner of the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Award in France as the best Asian cuisine cookbook. She currently hosts Good Food, Good Health with Jeeti Gandhi on Vivek 90.4 FM Ccommunity radio in Chandigarh.

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