An Affair with Indian Cooking | Geeta Maini
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An Affair with Indian Cooking
Geeta Maini

Canada-based author, Geeta Maini shares her passion for coooking and her favourites of a life long of exploring flavour. In her Khaana Sutra, she provides step-by-step recipes to create a meal that you will relish and your guests will remember.

Traditional Punjabi meals from her family kitchen in Kenya to innovative meals created from her exploration of world cuisines and fusion. In this unusal cookbook, Geeta shares the results of her years of studies in kitchens from four continents. Explaining in detail the variety of spices used in Indian coking, Geeta has also created menus to help plan everyday meals and for special celebrations.

This is a book full of adventurous and practical cooking for everyone and practical cooking for everyone who loves the flavours of India.

US $35 ISBN: 978-81-87111-87-0
Author Information :

Geeta Maini was born in Kenya and lived in Kisumu and Nairobi as a child. She learned to cook with her mother, and once she shifted to Canada, continued to explore the culinary arts. A student of many ethnic cuisines, she eventually became a teacher offering lessons of her own. Today she travels within Canada, Nairobi and India, continuing to discover new recipes.

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