Managing Your Self | Jagdish Parikh
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Managing Your Self
Jagdish Parikh

Managing Your Self helps managers to contribute effectively and progressively to their organizations without in any way adversely affecting themselves as individuals. With the help of this book anyone, including business managers and students, will be able to enjoy more effective, dynamic and fulfilling professional and personal lives.

Better self-management increases managers' ability to:

  • cope with stress
  • resolve conflict
  • manage change and manage to change
  • achieve sustainable peak performance
  • influence organizational cultures

Managing Your Self shows that successful corporations have a larger number of high performance individuals, and that developing individual effectiveness is crucial for business success.

US $25 ISBN: 978-81-8462-036-8
Author Information :

Jagdish Parekh is the Managing Director of the Lemuir Group of Companies (India), co-founder and director of the World Business Academy (USA), President of the Center of Economic Renewal (Switzerland) and Managing Trustee of the Education Foundation of India. He also holds advisory roles in business, government and management institutions.

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