Managing Relationships | Jagdish Parikh
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Managing Relationships
Jagdish Parikh

Managing relationships is today recognized as the key success factor in our personal and professional lives. Well-managed relationships with customers and suppliers, employees and competitors have become crucial.

This book draws on the author's work in business schools and multinationals and clarifies individual relationships at work, at home, and elsewhere. At the same time, it provides a powerful and practical model for businesses to tap into individual, corporate and cross cultural relationships.

US $20 ISBN: 978-81-87111-92-4
Author Information :

Jagdish Parekh is the Managing Director of the Lemuir group of companies (India), co-founder and director of the World Business Academy (USA), President of the Center of Economic Renewal (Switzerland) and Managing Trustee of the Education Foundation of India. He also holds advisory roles in business, government and management institutions.

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