Relationship Management in 21st Century Organizations | Viney Kripal, G. K. K. Singh
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Relationship Management in 21st Century Organizations
Viney Kripal, G. K. K. Singh

The book emphasizes the role of people-interaction in the workplace. Kripal and Singh extend the meaning of Relationship Management beyond the popular notion of customer care to mean a careful handling of one's association with peers, subordinates and superiors. Presenting a proposal of 6 Es (Managers must be Entrepreneurial, Ethical, Empathetic, free of Egos, clear in their Expectations, and inspiring as role models or Examples), the authors provide solutions to three-hundred typical human relationship problems.

The authors have gone into the heart of the problem of good and effective management by focussing their attention on "Relationship Management". They have discussed in detail 300 typical workplace situations and have provided solutions that work.

US $15 ISBN: 81-87111-31-3
Author Information :

Viney Kirpal is the CEO of Galaxy Institute of Interaction Training, Pune, which trains corporate executives and college teachers. An HOD at IIT Mumbai, she initiated a number of corporate training programmes in communications skills, and has trained over 7,000 executives from leading national and multinational companies. Not surprisingly, she has been listed in Marquis' 'Who's Who in the World (USA)' and in '2000 Outstanding Personalities of the 20th Century (UK)'.


G. K. K. Singh is Director, Enertech Electronics, and Programme Director of Galaxy Institute of Interaction Training. A silver medalist from IIT Bombay and a postgraduate from IIM Calcutta, he has been on the faculty of the National Insurance Academy and has participated in CEP courses at IIT. He is a recognized expert in communications skills and people management, having trained over 10,000 sales and software professionals from over 20 leading organizations.

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