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Hanuman Chalisa - A Bhakta's Quest for the Divine

To truly know the significance of Hanuman Chalisa one needs only hear the words of Neem Karoli Baba, one of the most mystical voices of the 20th century. "Every line of the Hanuman Chalisa," he said, "is a mahamantra (a great chant)." Certainly, Goswami Tulsidas' Hanuman Chalisa is filled with lofty, spiritual thought, giving us glimpses of Hanuman the devotee but also his ultimate transformation into Hanuman the deity.

This book, Hanuman Chalisa, a Bhakta's Quest for the Divine is a perceptive commentary on these oft-recited verses. It is unique for a variety of reasons. It underlines the deep, philosophical foundation of this text, as also the life lessons that Hanuman's character unfolds for us, making Hanuman Chalisa as relevant today as when it was first written. The book is significant also because it uses story-telling as a means to comprehend Tulsi's words, through a cornucopia of tales from The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, The Puranas, folklore, oral traditions, magazine articles and even anecdotes from supplicants.

How better can the greatness and glory of Hanuman be encapsulated, than through these lines?

Buddhir balam yasho dhairyam,
Nirbhayatvam arogata,
Ajaadyam vaakpatutvam cha,
Hanumat smaranat bhavet.

Intellect, strength, fame, audacity,
Fearlessness, a body that is healthy,
Limitless energy, in speech, eloquence and clarity,
Meditation on Hanuman bestows these qualities.

US $55 ISBN: 978-81-8462-172-3
Author Information :

Chandrika began her spiritual journey with Atma Siddhi - In Search of the Soul, a translation from the original Atma Siddhi in Gujarati, an animated discussion between master and pupil on the journey of the soul by the Jain saint, Srimad Rajchandraji. She then brought out Bhaja Govindam - Follow Your Heart, a translation of Adi Sankara's Bhaja Govindam, the Sanskrit text that encapsulates Vedic wisdom in a mere 31 stanzas. In both books her commentaries were enlivened by stories culled from sources as varied as The Bible, The Puranas, The Mahabharata and The Jatakas. For her third title she chose the exciting task of recounting the life of the most adorable God in the Hindu pantheon, Lord Krishna in the book Krishna, a Joyous Celebration of the Divine. She next took on the challenging mission of following Lord Rama on his earthly journey, highlighting his nobility and his integrity in her book entitled, Rama, the Human Expression of the Divine.

Her current book, Hanuman Chalisa, a Bhakta's Quest for the Divine, explains the evocative verses of Goswami Tulsidas' Hanuman Chalisa through stories from scriptures as well as oral traditions, bringing to the fore both the depth of Tulsidas' writing as well as the glory of the simian God. Chandrika resides in Mumbai with her family, dog and several cats.

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