Krishna - A Joyous Celebration of the Divine | Chandrika
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Krishna - A Joyous Celebration of the Divine

The book, Krishna, A Joyous Celebration of the Divine, is a loving tribute to the Blue God. Beginning with his tumultuous birth in a prison cell, it travels through his numerous journeys, uncovering his enchanting personality through story and song. It weaves anecdotes and myths, legends and folklore, from sources like the Bhagavata Purana, the Harivamsa and the Mahabharata, to piece together, the awe-inspiring picture of Vishnu’s avatara (manifestation) the alluring One, Krishna.

The book is a celebration of Krishna, in many ways. It pays tribute to the long and unbroken tradition of Krishna paintings, from the exquisite miniatures of north India to the extravagant Tanjore paintings of the south, enlivening each page with their spiritual euphoria. The book goes further, bringing a selection from the rich cornucopia of bhakti (devotional) poetry – verses of singers and saints, poets and philosophers. Written in lucid and lyrical language, one idea emerges through the book with clarity – Krishna is relevant, more relevant today, than even when he first walked the earth as man.

US $49 ISBN: 978-81-8462-038-2
Author Information :

Chandrika is primarily a traveller on the spiritual path. She has variously been a teacher, an educator and an editor.

The overwhelming quality of Chandrika's writing is her ardent faith in and a passionate love of the scriptures and the stories that spring from them.

She has recently translated Atma Siddhi, from the original Gujarati, an enlivening discourse on the journey of the soul by the Jain saint, Srimad Rajchandraji. She has also translated Adi Sankara's Bhaja Govindam, the Sanskrit text that encapsulates Vedic wisdom in a mere 31 stanzas.

The present title, Krishna, a Joyous Celebration of the Divine, is her third book.

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