Nanak - An Introduction | Purushottam Nijhaawan
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Nanak - An Introduction
Purushottam Nijhaawan

This book seeks to celebrate the timelessness of Nanak's teachings and its relevance to modern-day issues. Hailed as one of the greatest spiritual leaders of mankind, Guru Nanak's message of unconditional faith and unremitting generosity was path-breaking. It resulted in the formation of India's youngest religion, Sikhism. The book unfolds the life of a thinker, reformer and spiritualist, while explicating the teachings of the Guru Granth. With beautiful illustrations, an uncomplicated narrative, and English translations of Sikh prayers, the book is a must-buy for every curious reader.

A unique feature is the inclusion of the English re-edition of the Japuji (the morning prayer of the Sikhs that presents Nanak's vision of God and his cosmic ideas) alongwith its original Punjabi text and Devnagiri transliteration.

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Author Information :

Nijhaawan started his career as a Hindi poet. He then moved on to The Public Relations Department of the Punjab Government in 1950 and rose to be the Chief Editor of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 1971. He was also the UN Population Year Fellow. Guru Nanak and Sikhism though remain subjects of special interest, and he has written extensively on the Sikh philosopher.

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