0 to 2 Baby and You | Dr Mahesh Balsekar
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0 to 2 Baby and You
Dr Mahesh Balsekar

A Handbook for Parents
Scientific – Concise – Practical
This is a book for modern parents, who want to do the best for their baby in an intelligent and informed manner. The information is up-to-date and scientific but presented in a concise and practical manner. The theme of the book is to empower parents to promote their baby’s physical and mental health and optimize growth and development.

ISBN: 978-81-8462-113-6
Author Information :

Dr Mahesh Balsekar is a consultant pediatrician at Breach Candy Hospital and Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital Mumbai. As a practicing pediatrician with 30 years of experience, the focus of Dr Balsekar’s practice has been on care of newborns, health supervision of children and preventive care. He is an invited speaker at many conferences and authored chapters in several medical textbooks.

Malvika Choudhary has a Masters in Psychology and counselor. She has a special interest in Child Psychology and a Certified Trainer for Childhood Nutrition & Obesity from UCSF-University of California at San Francisco.

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