Can you Hear? | Dr. Ajay Kothari
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Can you Hear?
Dr. Ajay Kothari

It is estimated that there are as many people with hearing impairments as with eye glasses. In every family, at least one member seems to suffer from an ear problem during his life time. In spite of this, there is much ignorance in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of ear problems. Myths and beliefs play a role in treatments. People often switch from allopathy to ayurveda, homeopathy to home remedies, seeking advice from everyone including their dadima, neighbour, friend and even a chemist. The result is not difficult to expect.

This book is the first comprehensive guide on deafness and ear disorders. Based on my clinical experience of 50 years, it is written in simple language and without medical jargons, to enable everyone to follow easily. It provides practical suggestions that can be useful for various ear conditions.

Everything you wanted to know about ear problems and did not know whom to ask for guidance? This book is the answer to all your dilemmas!

US $12.91 ISBN: 978-81-8462-123-5
Author Information :

Dr. Ajay Kothari born on 2nd October 1939 is a Emeritus ENT surgeon at Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai Gold Medal for standing first in the M.S. Exam. of Bombay University Gold Medal by All India ENT Association for the research on Sinus Headache First Indian ENT Surgeon to get super specialisation in Paediatric ENT. Trained in U.K. and U.S.A Only Indian Doctor on the Governing Council of European Society of Paediatric ENT Member of the Executive Committee of International Federation of Paediatric ENT Surgeons (IFOS) Published several articles of his research in National and International Medical Journals Invited by WHO to write paper on 'cost effective approach' to early detection hearing impairment A global strategy. Nominated by Government of India on Jury in 2005 to select outstanding handicapped person institute and state providing services to the handicapped Appointed Project Director for Deafness in Children, by Government of Maharashtra.

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