You can be a poet too... | Viraaj Vig
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You can be a poet too...
Viraaj Vig

This is a book with two collections of poems, one written for children aged ten to thirteen and another collection written for younger children, aged six to nine. Each poem is individual, and there is no specific theme that occurs throughout the book. However, there are many different types of poems, including a sonnet and a pantoum. This book was written to show how easy it is to write a poem, and hopefully inspire children to write their own poems.

US $15 ISBN: 978-81-8462-122-8
Author Information :

This book is Viraaj Vig’s third published book. It is a collection of two sets of poems. Viraaj wrote the first set of poems when he was thirteen and the second set of poems (Poems for Younger Children) was written when he was nine. Now at fifteen, he has compiled his poems, described the purpose and structure of all of them in order to inspire children to be creative and write their own poems.

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