Reading to Learn | Nicola McCartney
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Reading to Learn
Nicola McCartney

This is a teacher training manual to help teachers teach reading to learners from adolescents to adults. The learners will already be able to recognise letters, sounds, familiar and high frequency words. This manual will help you teach your learners to read with understanding so they can read more, read better, and read with confidence.
This manual describes strategies for reading that you can teach learners, using the example resources and lesson plans.

A systematic approach
The manual provides a systematic approach to teaching reading.

  • Section One explains reading strategies to teach learners. Each strategy has a sequence of instructions on one page and an example resource and activity on the next page.
  • Section Two has example lesson plans. Each lesson plan uses a combination of the strategies learners can use for reading.

Teaching reading strategies
The strategies for reading used in this manual are effective and easy to use.

Rs 295 ISBN: 978-0-473-34241-8
Author Information :

Nicola is Associate Director of the National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults, University of Waikato, New Zealand. Her areas of expertise include reading competency; workplace practices, professional development and organisational change management. Her practice is informed by her work in adult literacy, language and numeracy programme development and implementation, New Zealand; grassroots education for girls and women, Mumbai, India; international education development, Columbia University, New York, USA; and her background as a school owner of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), New Zealand.

Nicola has a Master's in Philosophy (Workplace Literacy and Numeracy).

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