Phandius - Whispers from the Past | Shruti Choudhary
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Phandius - Whispers from the Past
Shruti Choudhary

"The stone started vibrating uncontrollably and after another quick blast of light the stone started transforming. It was rapid. One second it was a stone, another second it was a knife and then, as if on cue, it became a sleek sword. The sword was itself not made of Phandius, instead it was some bluish, strange metal with Phandius studded in the hilt."

A fabled stone on an abandoned island, Phandius has extraordinary magical powers. This powerful stone is believed to grant immortality to its master.

Legend has it that the stone is hidden somewhere on the deserted island of Velomer. Dreaded terrorist Arzoo Nasrulla will do anything to get to Phandius and bend it to his will.

Four children, Jeremy, Adam, Suhani and Farida, unwittingly get caught in his quest for the stone. They discover his purpose and know he has to be stopped. His triumph would lead to a world of terror and devastation.

The four of them embark on a journey from Araveros Hills to Velomer to protect Phandius from Nasrulla. But defying Arzoo Nasrulla always has dangerous consequences. Will they be able to protect the legendary stone? Or will they fall to the hand of evil?

US $10 ISBN: 978-81-8462-102-0
Author Information :

Shruti Choudhary's love for reading inspired her to begin writing her debut novel, Phandius: Whispers from the Past, at the tender age of eleven. Now sixteen, she will be appearing for her board examinations this coming year.

She has an inquisitive nature, and has won several IMO/NSO/IEO Olympiad medals for her school. In her free time, she likes to read her favorite authors, and write short stories. She lives with her parents and elder brother in Navi Mumbai.

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