Wonderworld of Tropical Bonsai | Jyoti and Nikunj Parekh
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Wonderworld of Tropical Bonsai
Jyoti and Nikunj Parekh

Wonderworld of Tropical Bonsai is a practical guide for those making their first tentative forays into the world of bonsai cultivation, as well as for those who are actively growing miniature plants. There are chapters that study every aspect of bonsai, from soil selection, potting, watering and manuring to grafting and pruning.

With a detailed analysis of fruit-giving and flowering miniature plants, and colour photographs that serve to guide the reader, the book is an essential handbook for those who love diminutive plants.

US $18 ISBN: 978-81-8462-014-6
Author Information :

Jyoti and Nikunj Parekh are two of the best known bonsai enthusiasts in India. Jyoti Parekh is a founder member of the Indian Bonsai Society. Her husband, Nikunj, has been the editor of Nichin Bonsai, a quarterly magazine, since 1985. He has also been the director of the World Bonsai Friendship Federation from 1989, and the director of Bonsai Club International since 2000.

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