Zarathushtra | Kety DadyBurjor
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Kety DadyBurjor

A picture book on the life-story of the Prophet Zarathushtra with simple engaging text to help children understand and learn about his life and the religion he spread.

The bright and striking illustrations are effective in telling the story in a capitivating manner to the young reader, Zarathushti or otherwise. The content approved by the High Priest of Udvada, will help the chidren to grasp the correct understanding of the life of the Prophet.

This book will surely stimulate the imagination of the children and confirm their belief in the triumph of good over evil.

US $15 ISBN: 978-81-8462-052-8
Author Information :

Written and illustrated by Kety DadyBujor, a retired school teacher who taught English Language and Literature as well as Fine and Commercial Art. Her boundless energy and zest for life make her a natural storyteller, and alongwith her talent as an artist has resulted in this book.

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