Krishna - The Cowherd Prince | Soumya Ayer
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Krishna - The Cowherd Prince
Soumya Ayer

Krishna is one of India's most adored Gods, at once mischievous and reflective. Krishna: The Cowherd Prince captures the playfulness of this deity, by narrating stories from his life - be it His encounter with the demon Pootana, or His clash with Mother Yashoda, after stealing butter. Written in simple rhymes, and juxtaposed with vibrant traditional paintings, the book will acquaint the child with the Blue Deity.

To Hindus, Krishna is a powerful hero born to destroy evil on earth. He is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the God of Preservation. At a time when the world was inhabited by demons Krishna was born to restore good. Millions of children in India adore the stories of his childhood which are filled with magical adventures, superhuman feats, hope and optimism. Although divine, he is like any child playful and mischievous. He is adored by his mother and surrounded by many friends.

'Krishna The Cowherd Prince,' focuses on episodes from Krishna's childhood. The overall theme of the book revolves around Krishna's conquests of demons and his pastimes as a young child. This book has beautiful traditional paintings.

US $10 ISBN: 81-87111-85-2
Author Information :

Soumya Ayer holds degrees in Engineering and Business Administration. After starting off her career in the banking sector, Soumya switched tracks, and decided to write for children. She draws from the stories she had grown up listening to as a child in Mumbai. Soumya currently resides in the UK with her family.

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