Hanuman | Radhika Sekar
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Radhika Sekar

Hanuman is a Lord of many identities: the son of Vayu (the Keeper of the Winds), the patron deity of Yoga, the most devout of all disciples in Ramayana, and the beloved of Indians, young and old. Radhika Sekar's Hanuman celebrates the many aspects of the monkey-God, and gives us a glimpse into his days: from his early years with Anjana and Surya, to his later life, marked by unflagging dedication to Rama. Narrated in a language that is engaging, uncomplicated, and free of violent terminology, the book is certain to delight every child!

US $15 ISBN: 978-81-87111-88-7
Author Information :

Born in India, Radhika Sekar has lived in Canada since 1974. She holds a PhD in Religious Studies and has taught at Carleton University. Now a full-time writer, she has published short stories in various anthologies and in 2004 was a winner in the City of Ottawa, Short Story Contest. Her books encourage children of all backgrounds and ages to learn more about Indian culture.

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