Dashavatar | Soumya Ayer
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Soumya Ayer

Dashavatar is a collection of ten spell-binding stories for children. In each of the narratives, the world is on the brink of collapse, entrenched in vice and sin, when the Lord decides to intervene and rescue it. He takes on a variety of forms, sometimes splendorous, at other times disarmingly humble. From Matsya avatar, where Vishnu assumes the shape of a fish, to Vamana avatar, where he shrinks in size, from Krishna avatar, where He becomes the Blue One, the eternal flutist, to Kalki, the future, where He will ride astride a horse and reinstate justice, each of the stories speaks of the Lord's benevolence, and the triumph of good over evil.

In a day and age where human values are fast being forgotten, the book aims to highlight the timeless significance of dharma. Written in a style that is engaging, with powerful visuals and works of art, Dashavatar is an essential buy.

US $15 ISBN: 978-81-8462-017-7
Author Information :

Soumya Ayer spent her childhood in Mumbai. She grew up listening to stories from Indian religion and mythology. Her fascination with these timeless tales inspired her to write this book. She holds degrees in Engineering and Business Administration. She started off in Banking and has now turned her interests to writing for children. She has two children. Soumya has also written Krishna The Cowherd Prince, a charming book for young children based on Krishna's childhood.

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