Lord of Beginnings | Radhika Sekar
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Lord of Beginnings
Radhika Sekar

Radhika Sekar's book is an enchanting exploration of the life of the God of all Beginnings, Ganesha. The collection of stories should answer the questions that trouble every curious child: How did Ganesha get an elephant's head? Why is His right tusk broken? How did Mushaka, the little mouse, become the portly God's chariot? And who is Ganesha's wife? Written in a style that is deliberately shorn of all violent terminology, these gentle tales will appeal to every child.

This book tells stories of the Elephant-Headed Deity-Ganesha. The strange circumstances which brought about the birth of Goddess Parvati's son, how he lost his head and sprang to life again when an elephant's head was placed on him and how Lord Shiva declared that he will be honoured first before all others. Thus Ganesha became the Lord of Beginnings and Hindus everywhere seek his blessing, before they start new tasks, to bring good luck and great fortune to them.

US $15 ISBN: 81-87111-68-2
Author Information :

Born in India, Radhika Sekar has lived in Canada since 1974. She holds a PhD in Religious Studies and has taught at Carleton University. Now a full-time writer, she has published short stories in various anthologies and in 2004 was a winner in the City of Ottawa, Short Story Contest. Her books encourage children of all backgrounds and ages to learn more about Indian culture.

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